Representation of Power Relationships in The Kite Runner

2014 US-China Foreign Language  
The purpose of the present research was to analyze the linguistic manipulation in the novel, The Kite Runner (2003), according to the agenda of CDA (Critical Discourse Analysis). The researchers employed Huckin's analytic tools of CDA to make it clear how the author manipulated the text in favour of his objectives. It was analyzed how the social relations, identity, knowledge, and power were constructed through the use of linguistic devices in the text of the novel. The results of the present
more » ... search revealed that the writer used specific linguistic devices to influence the readers to make them accept ideological message contained in the text. He used the text as a tool of propaganda in favour of the Western Agenda in Afghanistan. He employed linguistic manipulation as a powerful instrument for the construction of his version of reality. This study is an effort tounfold power relations, dominance, oppression, repression, and marginalization in The Kite Runner. It will help the readers in decoding the text manipulation by applying CDA.
doi:10.17265/1539-8080/2014.01.002 fatcat:j3nosjuwuraq3nw675ybnekccm