Can primordial wormholes be induced by GUTs at the early Universe?

S. Nojiri, O. Obregon, S.D. Odintsov, K.E. Osetrin
1999 Physics Letters B  
Using large N, 4d anomaly induced one-loop effective action for conformally invariant matter (typical GUT multiplet) we study the possibility to induce the primordial spherically symmetric wormholes at the early Universe. The corresponding effective equations are obtained in two different coordinate frames. The numerical investigation of these equations is done for matter content corresponding to ${\cal N}=4$ SU(N) super Yang-Mills theory. For some choice of initial conditions, the induced
more » ... s, the induced wormhole solution with increasing throat radius and increasing red-shift function is found.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(99)00565-1 fatcat:fenzgf753vbh7pm5fvddbzi2z4