Ion acceleration by shock surfing

Anastasia Petukhova, Petukhov Stanislav
2016 Proceedings of The 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference — PoS(ICRC2015)   unpublished
Collisionless shocks in space conditions are a source of energetic particles. The particles having low velocity along the normal to the surface of the shock front can be multiply reflected from the electric cross potential of a quasiperpendicular shock wave and be accelerated by shock surfing. Shock surfing can provide pre-acceleration of particles for subsequent diffusive shock acceleration. The research of shock surfing is of interest for calculation of injection and element composition of
more » ... accelerated particles. The calculation method of distribution function of the accelerated particles by shock surfing is presented in that case, when the characteristics of the shock front (the cross-shock electric field strength and the width of the shock front) are specified. The calculation results of particle spectra before and behind the shock front depending on initial parameters are shown.
doi:10.22323/1.236.0188 fatcat:o6hmpjnpmndwhhyi3laloj2xxm