Spin-Crossover Hysteresis of [FeII(LHiPr)2(NCS)2] (LHiPr = N-2-Pyridylmethylene-4-Isopropylaniline) Accompanied by Isopropyl Conformation Isomerism

Naotaka Mochida, Akifumi Kimura, Takayuki Ishida
2015 Magnetochemistry  
Fe II (LH iPr )2(NCS)2] (LH iPr = N-2-pyridylmethylene-4-isopropylaniline) showed an abrupt spin-crossover (SCO) at T1/2↓ = 154 K on cooling and at T1/2↑ = 167 K on heating. The thermal hysteresis with a width of 13 K is related with the structural solid-state phase transition. The space group was unchanged as P21/n with Z = 8, and there are two crystallographically independent molecules in a unit cell at 130 and 180 K. The two iron (II) sites synchronously underwent the SCO. The most drastic
more » ... ructural change across the SCO was found in the conformation isomerization of an isopropyl group. Namely, rotation around the C(sp 2 )-C(sp 3 ) bond by ca. 120° takes place during the SCO. There is no structural disorder in the high-temperature phase. The thermal hysteresis probably originates in the bulk isomerization requiring considerable activation energy in the crystalline solid.
doi:10.3390/magnetochemistry1010017 fatcat:2yawuvxw65cedc4moc3k22b4c4