Relapse patterns in Burkitt's lymphoma

J L Ziegler, A Z Bluming, L Fass, R H Morrow
1972 Cancer Research  
The clinical course of 130 patients with Burkitt's lymphoma was reviewed. Death occurred soon after treatment in 18 (14%), and failure to respond to chemotherapy was observed in 5 (4%). One hundred seven patients achieved complete remissions, among whom 84 were followed for at least 1 year, or until relapse. Tumor relapse was observed to be of two distinct types. Early relapse was characterized by recurrent tumor growth in the same site as the original tumor and occurred within 10 weeks of
more » ... in 10 weeks of initial therapy. Patients with early relapse tended to have generalized disease on admission, responded poorly to subsequent treatment, and had a poor prognosis. Late relapse occurred beyond the 10-week interval from initial therapy and usually appeared in previously uninvolved anatomical sites. Responses to subsequent chemotherapy were excellent, and the prognosis was good. The pattern of relapse appeared to be independent of the aggressiveness of the initial chemotherapeutic regime. Drug resistance, immunoresistance, and/or host immune failure are postulated to explain the emergence of early relapse. Although immunological mechanisms may be operative in the pathogenesis of late relapse, reinduction of tumor remains a possibility.
pmid:5030826 fatcat:xth7pkdckbgqbbslaujjh6j3xa