S. Synytsya, T. Synytsya, Kornosenko О.
2021 Zenodo  
The problem of optimizing the process of organizing and conducting cheerleading competitions is considered in this article. The classification of cheerleading competitions, which consists of the nomination of cheer and freestyle, is given. Each of the nominations has a branched structure and requires an individual approach to the training of athletes and their evaluation at competitions. Judges must take special courses. The organizers of the competition must cover different aspects to ensure a
more » ... aspects to ensure a high level of competitions holding. To optimize and harmonize all the components in the organization of cheerleading competitions, the use of AllFusion Process Modeler is proposed. This program makes it possible to identify the disadvanteges of business processes and build an ideal business model. That is, the optimal sequence of actions, document flow and use of resources in the implementation of projects. The effectiveness of the proposed program was tested by questioning the organizers of the competition who used it. Evaluation was carried out by blocks: submission and consideration of the application was confirmed by 89% of respondents, the formation of the start list and counting athletes 91%, the purchase of materials for the award was noted by 65% of respondents, the distribution of judges under the proposed program was relevant for 82%. Preparation of the premises and staff showed the effectiveness of use – 77%. The purpose of the work is to form models of business processes of organizing cheerleading competitions with the use of CASE-tools to find ways to optimize them. The methodological basis is the analysis and generalization of literary sources, pedagogical observation, questionnaires, methods of modeling the stages of competitions organization, mathematical statistics methods. The scientific novelty defines and substantiates the process of using the AllFusion Process Modeler program during the organization of cheerleading competitions. The study showed the ef [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4506669 fatcat:lr54tccyvbeh5k3nnv64qxvxz4