Physical and mechanical properties of agar based edible film with glycerol plasticizer [post]

Arham Rusli
2017 unpublished
Appropriate concentration of base material and plasticizer is required to obtain good physical and mechanical properties of edible film for food packaging and preservation functions. The aim of this study was to obtain the best combination of the base material and plasticizer in the manufacture of agar films based on physical and mechanical properties. Results showed that the physical and mechanical properties of the agar edible film were affected by the agar and glycerol concentrations.
more » ... ing agar concentrations resulted in the increase in the film thickness, tensile strength (TS), and elongation at break (EAB), but decreased the filmsolubility. While increasing glycerol concentration tended to increase the film thickness and solubility, but decrease the TS of the film. The best concentration combination of agar and glycerol in this study was 3 and 10%, respectively.
doi:10.31227/ fatcat:v2l7pkson5gxxfmzkrgsnc34xi