Indonesian Nationalism in Natuna Border: Impact of South Chinese Marine Conflict on Indonesian Nationalism Values in Natuna Border Areas

Asep Kamaluddin Nashir, Sayed Fauzan Riyadi
2019 International Journal of Multicultural and Multireligious Understanding  
The development in the Natuna border area is carried out to build a more peaceful, minimal conflict and conducive environment around the South China Sea. One of Indonesia's programs related to the South China Sea is the development of maritime power in the Natuna Border region. Indonesia affirmed its position to maintain the stability of the Natuna border region through strengthening the values of Indonesian nationalism on Natuna Island in the midst of a growing flow of conflict in the South
more » ... ict in the South China Sea. The results of the study found that: (1)the Indonesian paradigm in seeing the South China Sea conflict was understood through observing and strengthening social, economic and security structures on the Natuna border, (2)the values of Indonesian nationalism on the Natuna border after the South China Sea conflict persisted strong and increasing, and (3)Indonesia has a very significant role in maintaining the values of nationalism for Indonesian citizens in the Natuna Border and surrounding areas through strategic efforts in the form of regular visits and the provision of socialization of the state's sustainable values by the institution authorities and academics who are experts in the field concerned. The values of national defense and nationalism are the foundation and fortress of defense in the Natuna border region.
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