Nutrients Kinetics and their effects on Bio-fertilizer Nostoc spongiaeforme

Bhagya Jyothi, Trk Reddy
2018 Nutrients Kinetics and their effects on Nostoc   unpublished
The percentage of nitrogen in Cyanobacteria would be 8-10% of the total dry weight and nitrogen becomes an important factor in controlling the luxuriant growth of blue-green algae. The growth of photosynthetic diazotrophs (blue-green algae) greatly depends on the environmental conditions such as physical and nutritional factors in flooded ricefields and in other habitats. A study was conducted to investigate the effect of nitrogen on growth, nitrogen uptake, rate of uptake of nitrogen and
more » ... s in Km values in the culture of cyanobacterium Nostoc spongiaeformae collected from ricefield soils of Andhra Pradesh, India. An experiment was designed to find out the effect of different combined nitrogen sources(KNO3, NaNO2 and NH4Cl) on the growth of algae when exposed to different concentrations (0.1,1.0,1.5and 2.0 mg/ml) and incubated for 72 hours. Based on the results potassium nitrate (KNO3) and sodium nitrite (NaNO2) were favorable for the growth of Cyanobacteria even at high concentrations whereas ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) has been proved to be toxic for growth at higher concentrations.