Integrative taxonomy of two thrush complexes (Aves: Turdidae) reveals introgression across sister species [post]

2021 unpublished
The classification of some Turdus species, such as the Naumann's and dusky thrush complexes and the red-throated and black-throated thrush complexes, is controversial. Herein, we used molecular data (mitochondrial genes and microsatellite loci) and morphological characters to review the taxonomy of these thrush complexes and analyze the genetic differentiation between them. Our phylogenetic analysis based on mitochondrial genes indicated that all haplotypes could be divided into two
more » ... monophyletic sister clades corresponding to these two thrush complexes. The same results were revealed by coalescence-based species delimitation. Therefore, these two thrush complexes should be divided into two separate species (T. naumanni and T. ruficollis) and include two subspecies per species according to combined characters from morphological analyses and multilocus approaches. The above classifications were also supported by an analysis of genetic differentiation between T. naumanni and T. ruficollis and within each species. Moreover, there was significant mixing between these two thrush species in the neighbor-joining (NJ) tree and the cluster analysis of microsatellite loci. This led to a pattern of nuclear-mitochondrial discordance between the two species. This could be the result of extensive nuclear introgression between these two sister species. We also provide a potential explanation for the mechanism of gene introgression and nuclear-mitochondrial discordance between the two bird species.
doi:10.22541/au.163775135.57850546/v1 fatcat:4gokigg64ng77ptpww5po3rhl4