Design of Experiment Study of the Parameters that Affect Performance of a Thermoplastic Elastomer Spring of a Hybrid Vehicle Torque Limiter

2022 Tehnički Vjesnik  
Due to the C02 emission ratio restrictions, hybrid vehicles become more popular nowadays. Because of that reason, research studies on hybrid vehicles and their powertrain systems have been increased recently. There are several types of hybrid vehicle powertrain structures in use by the car manufacturers; they depend on both the drive modes and the design of conventional and electrical engine layout designed by the car manufacturers. The most known of these structures is the power split hybrid
more » ... ructure. In this study, a thermoplastic elastomer spring was mechanically investigated, which has been designed for torque limiter of a power split type hybrid powertrain. The function of the elastomer spring is to damp the abnormal contact between damper inner metallic components during limiting function. The result of finite element analyses and stiffness measurement result of real parts were compared.
doi:10.17559/tv-20220221193904 fatcat:lra4wkbbd5c4llurjui5fkq7lm