Atmospheric Propagation Studies and Development of New Instrumentation for Astronomy, Radar, and Telecommunication Applications in the Subterahertz Frequency Range

Yurii Balega, Gregory Bubnov, Mikhail Glyavin, Aleksandra Gunbina, Dmitry Danilevsky, Grigory Denisov, Andrey Khudchenko, Ilya Lesnov, Andrey Marukhno, Kirill Mineev, Sergey Samsonov, Gennady Shanin (+1 others)
2022 Applied Sciences  
Current progress in the development of new subterahertz instruments discussed in this paper, including antennas, high-power gyrotrons, and low-noise receivers, provides a wide range of possible applications. Atmospheric absorption has now become a major limitation in the application of such high-performance subTHz systems, and the choice of the optimal location of antennas for astronomical, radar, and communication systems is important. The latest results of studying the microwave astroclimate
more » ... n northern Eurasia are presented. Based on these studies, new perspectives and corrected plans for installing new antennas at the Suffa Plateau and in the Caucasus are formulated, and possible applications of new instruments such as radars for locating space debris and communication hubs for deep space communications, which are based on extremely-high-power gyrotrons and low-noise superconducting receivers, are discussed.
doi:10.3390/app12115670 fatcat:lgcytddmjjbnfbm66k2yhebdsy