Representar matrices, M-ideales y productos tensoriales de espacios L1-preduales

S. Dutta, Instituto Indio de Tecnología Kanpur, D. Khurana, A. Sensarma, Instituto Indio de Tecnología Kanpur
2018 Extracta Mathematicae  
Motivated by Bratteli diagrams of Approximately Finite Dimensional (AF) C *algebras, we consider diagrammatic representations of separable L1-predual spaces and show that, in analogy to a result in AF C * -algebra theory, in such spaces, every M -ideal corresponds to directed sub diagram. This allows one, given a representing matrix of a L1-predual space, to recover a representing matrix of an M -ideal in X. We give examples where the converse is true in the sense that given an M -ideal in a
more » ... an M -ideal in a L1-predual space X, there exists a diagrammatic representation of X such that the M -ideal is given by a directed sub diagram and an algorithmic way to recover a representing matrix of M -ideals in these spaces. Given representing matrices of two L1-predual spaces we construct a representing matrix of their injective tensor product.
doi:10.17398/2605-5686.33.1.33 fatcat:elpgjf2as5azncwi34hgv7ztui