1911 BJOG: an International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology  
removed the appendages for double tuberculous salpingitis from a multipara, aged 69, who was sufleriiy from a much enlarged thyroid of two years' growth; after the operation they noted that the thyroid rapidly diminished in size, so that it became normal at about the thirtieth day. Finding no analogous case in lit@rature, t.he authors have analyzed, in a somewhat, long article, all the information which they could collect as t o the relationship between the generative organs and the thyroid
more » ... d. Brieily, the conclusions which they come to are as follow :- (1) That the ovaries st.a.nd in very close relat,ion to the thyroid. (2) That the uterus has no direct action on the thyroid, but may influence it (3) That thyroid activity is to a certain extent governed by ovarian activity. (4) That ovarian hyperactivity is a frequent cause of the development of (5) That diminished or absent ovarian activity usually coincides with myxmdema. (6) That puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, lactation and menopause, exercise a (7) That thyroid secretion and ovarian secretion do nct supplement but neutralize (8) That the ovary has two secreting st,ructures, the corpora lutea and the (9) That it is the secretion from the interstitial cells which seems to bring the The authors have found that the symptoms of the menopause, especially the indirectly through the ovaries. exophthalmic goitre. profound influence on thyroid secretion. each other. interstitial cells. ovary and the thyroid into such close relation. artificial menopanse, can be much ameliorated by small doses of thyroid extract. W . W. I ( .
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