The cache location problem

P. Krishnan, D. Raz, Y. Shavitt
2000 IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking  
This paper studies the problem of where to place network caches. Emphasis is given to caches that are transparent to the clients since they are easier to manage and they require no cooperation from the clients. Our goal is to minimize the overall flow or the average delay by placing a given number of caches in the network. We formulate these location problems both for general caches and for transparent en-route caches (TERCs), and identify that, in general, they are intractable. We give optimal
more » ... algorithms for line and ring networks, and present closed form formulae for some special cases. We also present a computationally efficient dynamic programming algorithm for the single server case. This last case is of particular practical interest. It models a network that wishes to minimize the average access delay for a single web server. We experimentally study the effects of our algorithm using real web server data. We observe that a small number of TERCs are sufficient to reduce the network traffic significantly. Furthermore, there is a surprising consistency over time in the relative amount of web traffic from the server along a path, lending a stability to our TERC location solution. Our techniques can be used by network providers to reduce traffic load in their network. Index Terms-Location problem, mirror placement, transparent cache.
doi:10.1109/90.879344 fatcat:25dlzgfhq5hk3fyenr5i36iy74