Impact Factor: 5.2 IJAR

Mihir Kalambi, Mihir Kalambi
2016 unpublished
Tourism is an industry that sells intangible experiences. Communication is vital to the success of tourism businesses since it is only through the effective use of communication that tourism marketers can offer to customers tangible cues about those intangible experiences. Communication plays a vital role in this industry. Tourism, Culture & Communication is international in its scope and will place no restrictions upon the range of cultural identities covered, other than the need to relate to
more » ... ourism and hospitality. Also, while communication is an essential component in the conduct of any service business, it has got an overarching role in tourism. Bearing in mind the complexity and interdisciplinary nature of the phenomenon of tourism, one must lay special emphasis on what is conveyed and how it is conveyed. Tourists are individuals who want to escape from the routines of the mundane world. They want to experience 'THE OTHER' aspect and enjoy their "ME TIME" of their selves not allowed to be expressed in the ordinary life settings. Such a conceptualization of the tourism phenomenon gives us clues about the type of communication that will be well appreciated by tourists.