Precoloring extension. I. Interval graphs

M. Biró, M. Hujter, Zs. Tuza
1992 Discrete Mathematics  
Birb, M., M. Hujter and Zs. Tuza, Precoloring extension. I. Interval graphs, Discrete Mathematics 100 (1992) 267-279. This paper is the first article in a series devoted to the study of the following general problem on vertex colorings of graphs. Suppose that some vertices of a graph G are assigned to some colors. Can this 'precoloring' be extended to a proper coloring of G with at most k colors (for some given k)? This question was motivated by practical problems in scheduling and VLSI theory.
more » ... Here we investigate its complexity status for interval graphs and for graphs with a bounded treewidth.
doi:10.1016/0012-365x(92)90646-w fatcat:hd2t6a6sirdffcexybhw33uloy