Layering privacy on operating systems, social networks, and other platforms by design

Dawn N. Jutla
2010 Identity in the Information Society  
Pervasive, easy-to-use privacy services are keys to enabling users to maintain control of their private data in the online environment. This paper proposes (1) an online privacy lifecycle from the user perspective that drives and categorizes the development of these services, (2) a layered platform design solution for online privacy, (3) the evolution of the PeCAN (Personal Context Agent Networking) architecture to a platform for pervasively providing multiple contexts for user privacy
more » ... es and online informational privacy services, and (4) use of platform network effects for increasing wide-scale user adoption of privacy services. One implication of this paper's concepts is that platform-mediated networks, which are reportedly the vehicles for most of the revenue earned by 60 of the world's largest companies, and other platforms that commonly host millions of users, will not have to individually reinvent and manage sophisticated user services for privacy protection since universal privacy platforms can be layered on them in future. Introduction Privacy advocates are working with modern and innovative environments in which operations take place that are beyond the citizen's control, and/or do not yet fall within the realms of governance. One such environment is the global Internet, where experimentation with business models is rampant, the combinations of multi-cultural approaches and infrastructure readiness is uneven on a per-country basis, and users are mass-adopting new and disruptive technologies in the shortest cycle times ever IDIS (2010) 3:319-341
doi:10.1007/s12394-010-0057-8 fatcat:nxco3p2nfvenvfgizcdgt6qtoe