20112 Analysis of the electronic properties of g-BC_2N on a substrate
20112 基板上g-BC_2Nの電子的特性解析(GS-08【セラミックス】)

Ayano SAEKI, Kazuhito SHINTANI
2013 The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch  
Graphene−like BC2N ( g − BC2N ) attrac 重 s researchersl attention because of its electrQnic properties , Since graphite is a good conductor while h − BN is an insulator , the intem 】 ediate material ofthese , g − BC2N , is a semicollductor and an o 切 ect of band − gap engineering 」 n this papeら the ab − initio calculatiens are perf()rmed fbr two or three sheets of g −BC2N , How their electronic propertics depe 踟d on the way of stacking is examined .
doi:10.1299/jsmekanto.2013.19.209 fatcat:o4hwxl623ffs3aod3dktsivirm