Simultaneous localization and mapping in wireless sensor networks

Thierry Dumont, Sylvain Le Corff
2014 Signal Processing  
Mobile device localization in wireless sensor networks is a challenging task. It has already been addressed when the WiFi propagation maps of the access points are modeled deterministically or estimated using an offline human training calibration. However, these techniques do not take into account the environmental dynamics. In this paper, the maps are assumed to be made of an average indoor propagation model combined with a perturbation field which represents the influence of the environment.
more » ... his perturbation field is embedded with a distribution describing the prior knowledge about the environmental influence. The device is localized with Sequential Monte Carlo methods and relies on the estimation of the propagation maps. This inference task is performed online, using the observations sequentially, with a new online Expectation Maximization based algorithm. The performance of the algorithm is illustrated with Monte Carlo experiments using both simulated data and a true data set.
doi:10.1016/j.sigpro.2014.02.011 fatcat:uelvwgshszccllahey2z25ozsa