Effect of music on anxiety, stress, and depression levels in patients undergoing coronary angiography

F Moradipanah, E Mohammadi, A Z Mohammadil
Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal  
Control of stress and anxiety and the promotion of comfort are challenges facing health practitioners involved in catheterization. The aim of this case-control study was to examine the effect of music on the levels of anxiety, stress, and depression experienced by patients undergoing coronary angiography, as measured by the 21-item Depression Anxiety Stress Scales. Differences in pre- and post-intervention scores demonstrated that there were significant decreases in mean scores of state anxiety
more » ... es of state anxiety (P = 0.006), stress (P = 0.001) and depression P = 0.02) in the intervention group, who listened to 20 minutes of relaxing music, as compared with the control group who had 20 minutes of bed rest.
pmid:19731780 fatcat:4bqjrjda6vf6xhykjtmdcifbcm