Analysis of Moroccan net user resistance to mobile's ticketing adoption: technological acceptance model application

The development of subscriptions to mobile devices, in particular phones (more than 8.2 billion subscriptions in 2018:, as well as the enormous gains made by some companies through their mobile ticketing activity such as TRIPADVISOR that achieved a turnover more than 1,560 million USD in 2019 (source: TRIPADVISOR official website), represent the importance of this activity as a strategic choice for service companies. How then to develop a reliable measurement scale of the
more » ... nt scale of the acceptance of mobile ticketing, considered as an innovation of use, by the Moroccan user? And what are the dimensions helping to build a positive attitude and the development of use intention of these applications? On the basis of an empirical study and a quantitative exploratory and confirmatory one, the results of this study are the development of a verified set of constructs suitable to the use in different measurement instruments and in the evaluation of several theoretical models. Also a reliable measurement scale of mobile ticketing acceptance to be applied in different contexts.
doi:10.48374/imist.prsm/ame-v3i2.26248 fatcat:b4dwwarbo5hnbnqovukzepijqi