Sugarbeet Response to Residual and Applied Nitrogen in Texas

Steven R. Winter
1998 Journal of Sugarbeet Research  
Nitrogen (N) management for sugarbeet can be very diffi cult on slowly permeable, deep soils in semi-arid regions with limited leaching. Nitrogen application rates on wheat, sorghum, and corn preceding sugarbeet were varied to de termine if economicaUy optimum N rates for those crops provide favorable residual N (RN) for sugarbeet. This pro vided a range of residual nitrate nitrogen (N03-N) levels for sugarbeet production. Sugarbeet response to a factorial combination of RN and applied N (AN)
more » ... tes was studied. Residual N0 3 -N following economically optimum fertiliza tion of prior crops was 1 to 67 Ib acre"!, 0-4 ft, (1 to 75 kg ha"!, 0 to 1.2 m), low enough to maximize sugarbeet quality. Sugarbeet yields near 40 ton acre"! (90 Mg ha"l) with >16% sucrose (>160 g kg"I) were produced in every experiment. Recoverable sucrose yield response to optimum AN was +101 % at RN == 10 (i.e. optimum AN doubled yield at RN = 11 kg ha"t, 0 to 1.2 m), but was never >+6% when RN
doi:10.5274/jsbr.35.1.43 fatcat:typqi7ujpvgrtatt4ha4ki2taq