Laws of Non-Contradiction, Laws of the Excluded Middle, and Logics * [chapter]

Greg Restall
2004 The Law of Non-Contradiction  
There is widespread acknowledgement that the law of non-contradiction is an important logical principle. However, there is less-than-universal agreement on exactly what the law amounts to. This unclarity is brought to light by the emergence of paraconsistent logics in which contradictions are tolerated: From the point of view of proofs, not everything need follow from a contradiction -from the point of view of models, there are "worlds" in which contradictions are true. In this sense, the law
more » ... is sense, the law of non-contradiction is violated in these logics. However, in many paraconsistent logics, statement * Thanks to JC Beall, Daniel Nolan and Graham Priest for discussion on the topics raised in this paper.
doi:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199265176.003.0005 fatcat:dbavbymlkrdftgbxylbcd7m3z4