Soorya.R Yathavi.T
2022 Zenodo  
Agriculture in India is livelihood for a majority of the population and It is the backbone of INDIA. A key aspect of this project is the integration of IoT based smart irrigation systems, which are designed to reduce manual labour and save farmers' time. Growing seasonal crops requires monitoring the environmental conditions to improve yields. The process involves checking the moisture, humidity, water level, and temperature of the land in cultivation in an automated manner. When irrigation is
more » ... equired, an automatic irrigation system is provided. Smart agriculture systems come with a variety of sensors that monitor the environment and provide sensed outputs to the controller. A message can be sent to farmers to provide them with the information they need. Terrace gardening can be done with this system even on a small scale. Every step and procedure in the system is carefully explained in a way that everyone can understand and follow.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7088233 fatcat:ktpebqot4bgohmgsgbay4xc2li