Candidate Digital Tasks Selection Methodology for Automation with Robotic Process Automation

Daehyoun Choi, Hind R'bigui, Chiwoon Cho
2021 Sustainability  
Today's business environments face rapid digital transformation, engendering the continuous emerging of new technologies. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the new technologies rapidly and increasingly grabbing the attention of businesses. RPA tools allow mimicking human tasks by providing a virtual workforce, or digital workers in the form of software bots, for automating manual, high-volume, repetitive, and routine tasks. The goal is to allow human workers to delegate their tedious
more » ... utine tasks to a software bot, thus allowing them to focus on more difficult tasks. RPA tools are simple and very powerful, according to cost-saving and other performance metrics. However, the main challenge of RPA implementation is to effectively determine the business tasks suitable for automation. This paper provides a methodology for selecting candidate tasks for robotic process automation based on user interface logs and process mining techniques.
doi:10.3390/su13168980 fatcat:k4ue25igfnfmtecrhoodas45zi