The Seduction of the Past in New Age Pilgrimage [chapter]

2016 The Seductions of Pilgrimage  
e Seductions of Pilgrimage explores the simultaneously attractive and repellent, beguiling and alluring forms of seduction in pilgrimage. It focuses on the varied discursive, imaginative, and practical mechanisms of seduction that draw individual pilgrims to a pilgrimage site; the objects, places, and paradigms that pilgrims leave behind as they embark on their hyper-meaningful travel experience; and the o en unforeseen elements that lead pilgrims o their desired course. Presenting the rst
more » ... enting the rst comprehensive study of the role of seduction on individual pilgrims in the study of pilgrimage and tourism, it will appeal to scholars of anthropology, cultural geography, tourism, heritage, and religious studies. Once relatively neglected, pilgrimage has become an increasingly prominent topic of study over the last few decades. Its study is inevitably inter-disciplinary, and extends across a growing range of scholarly elds, including religion, anthropology, geography, history, literary studies, art history, archaeology, sociology, heritage and tourism studies. is process shows no sign of abating-indeed, it looks set to continue to expand. is series seeks to place itself at the forefront of these conversations. Covering new work from both established and emerging scholars and concerned with material from all periods, it encompasses themes as diverse as pilgrimage within national and post-national frames, pilgrimage-writing, materialities of pilgrimage, digi-pilgrimage and secular pilgrimage.
doi:10.4324/9781315553047-10 fatcat:qac267mqgbfxpkpvojqelq2aai