Foreword: A perspective on the role of emerging technologies for the propagation of companion animals, non-domestic and endangered species

Monique C. J. Paris, Gabriela F. Mastromonaco, Damien B. B. P. Paris, Rebecca L. Krisher
2007 Reproduction, Fertility and Development  
Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have been used successfully in humans, domestic and laboratory species for many years. In contrast, our limited knowledge of basic reproductive physiology has restricted the application of ART in companion animal, non-domestic and endangered species (CANDES). Although there are numerous benefits, and in some cases a necessity, for applying ART for the reproductive and genetic management of CANDES, the challenges encountered with even the most basic
more » ... ures have limited the rate of progress. In this foreword we discuss the status of conventional ART, such as artificial insemination and in vitro fertilisation, as well as their benefits and inherent difficulties when applied to CANDES. It is upon these techniques, and ultimately our knowledge of basic reproductive physiology, that the success of emerging technologies, such as those described in this special issue, are dependent for success.
doi:10.1071/rd07091 pmid:17714624 fatcat:urus2c2mzjhoxks2625ap4gida