Address of Welcome

Richard Cockburn. Maclaurin
1917 Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  
T h e spacious buildings of t h e Massachusetts I ns t i t u t e of Technology i n their new a n d beautiful setting on t h e b a n k s of t h e Charles River i n Cambridge, Mass., constituted a symbolical environment, i n this new period of chemistry i n America, for t h e Fifty-Fifth Meeting of t h e American Chemical Society, which was held from September I O t o 13, 1917. I n spite of t h e unusual demands made upon chemists a t this time, t h e registration exceeded seven hundred, a n d i
more » ... was t h e unanimous sentiment t h a t a fresh a n d vitalizing stimulus h a d been gained from this convention for all branches of chemical activity. Three features stood o u t preeminent as characteristic of t h e meeting: first, t h e intense loyalty a n d patriotism of chemists; second, their eagerness t o learn in what ways t h e y might possibly be of assistance t o t h e government; third, t h e woeful shortage of chemists in every line t o meet t h e present intensified demand. On Monday afternoon, September I O , t h e Council of t h e Society met i n t h e rooms of t h e Engineers' Club, sixty-eight Councilors being present. T h e Committee on Constitutional Amendments regarding modifications i n t h e method of election of t h e President a n d t h e creation of a Board of Control reported informally. As a result of t h e discussion which followed, t h e Committee was enlarged t o five members a n d continued for t h e purpose of reporting t o a later meeting of t h e Council. It was voted t h a t a Code of Ethics for t h e Society is not desirable. T o t h e proposal t h a t t h e Society should unite with other national bodies in t h e formation of a national organization of technical societies, t h e Council expressed its appreciation of t h e invitation a n d of its desire t o cooperate in every way possible with t h e other scientific societies on a n y matter pertaining t o national welfare; nevertheless, i t was felt t h a t t h e present well organized activities of t h e Society would be hampered b y a formal union such as was proposed. Dr. E . G. Love was re-elected Treasurer for a threeyear term. Dr. W. A. Noyes having tendered his resignation of t h e office of Editor of t h e Journal o j the A m e r i c a n Chemical Society, Dr. A. B. Lamb, of H a r v a r d University, was unanimously elected t o this office. Mr. E. J. Crane a n d Dr. Chas. H. Herty were also unanimously re-elected Editor of Chemical A bstracts a n d Editor of t h e J o u r n a l of I n d u s t r i a l and Engineering Chemistry, respectively. T o serve upon t h e committee advisory t o t h e President of t h e Society on national affairs, Drs. B. C. Hesse a n d M . C. Whitaker were elected from t h e Councilors-at-Large. T h e Council unanimously recommended t o t h e Society t h e election t o honorary membership of Professor l-ictor Grignard of t h e University of S a n c y , France, now a Major i n t h e French Army a n d serving on a commission t o this country. T h e invitation of t h e Cleveland, Ohio, Section t o hold t h e next Fall Meeting in t h a t city, was accepted. T h e time, place a n d desirability of holding a Spring Meeting was referred t o t h e Directors. A hearty vote of t h a n k s was passed in appreciation of t h e courtesies extended b y t h e Massachusetts I ns t i t u t e of Technology a n d members of t h e various Local Committees whose efficient labors added so materially t o t h e success of t h e meeting a n d t h e comfort a n d pleasure of t h e members. Immediately after adjournment t h e Council was entertained a t dinner a t t h e Engineers' Club b y t h e Northeastern Section. After dinner t h e meeting of t h e Directors was held. At t h e General Meeting, on Tuesday morning, which filled t o overflowing t h e large lecture room of t h e Chemistry Department, Prof. H. P. T a l b o t , Chairman of t h e Local General Committee, i n gracious r o r d s welcomed t h e Society a n d introduced Dr. R. C. Maclaurin, President of hlassachusetts I n s t i t u t e of Technology.
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