Multimode laser emission from dye doped polymer optical fiber

Mavila Sheeba, Kannampuzha J. Thomas, Mandamparambil Rajesh, Vadakkedathu P. N. Nampoori, Chakkalakkal P. G. Vallabhan, Padmanabhan Radhakrishnan
2007 Applied Optics  
Multimode laser emission is observed in a polymer optical fiber doped with a mixtnre of Rhodamine 60 (Rh 60) and Uhodamine B (Rh B) dyes. Tuning oflaser emission is achieved by using the mixture of dyes due to the energy transfer occurring from donor molecule (Rh 6G) to acceptor molecule (Rh B). The dye doped poly(methyl methacrylate}based polymer optical flber is pumped axially at one end of the fiber using a 532 nrn pulsed laser beam from a Nd:YAG laser and the fluorescence emission is
more » ... emission is collected from the other end. At low pump energy levels, fluorescence emission is observed. When the energy is increased beyond a threshold value, laser emission occurs with a multimode structnre. The optical feedback for the gain medium is provided by the cylindrical surface of the optical tiber, which acts as a cavity. This fact is confirmed by the mode spacing dependence on the diameter oC the tiller.
doi:10.1364/ao.46.008089 pmid:18026548 fatcat:lelc3dbouvh4bjfoml4ibmipv4