Compressive and Bending Behaviors of the Shielded Slot Plate Considering Forming Effect for Fuel Cell Application
성형 이력을 고려한 용융탄산염 연료전지용 쉴디드 슬롯 플레이트의 압축 및 굽힘 거동 분석

C.W. Lee, D.Y. Yang, D.W. Kang, I.G. Chang, T.W. Lee
2012 Transactions of Materials Processing  
The metallic bipolar plates of the molten carbonate fuel cell(MCFC) are composed of shielded slot plates and a center-plate. The shielded slot plates support the center-plate and the membrane electrode assembly. Compressive forces are applied to the shielded slot plate in order to increase the contact area between shielded slot plates and the membrane electrode assembly (MEA). In the design of the shielded slot plate, it is necessary to predict the mechanical behavior of the shielded slot
more » ... The shielded slot plates are manufactured by a three-stage forming process consisting of slitting, preforming and the final forming process. The mechanical behavior of the shielded slot plate is largely affected by the forming process. In this study, the simulation of the three-stage forming process was used to predict the mechanical behavior of the shielded slot plate. The present simulation approach showed good agreements with the experimental results.
doi:10.5228/kstp.2012.21.6.341 fatcat:z2c7xc5mlvc4lcliywmu4kphja