Educational Data mining for Prediction of Student Performance Using Clustering Algorithms

M Durairaj, C Vijitha
In recent years, the biggest challenges that educational institutions are facing the explosive growth of educational data and to use this data to improve the quality of managerial decisions. Educational institutions are playing an important role in our society and playing a vital role for growth and development of nation. Prediction of student's performance in educational environments is also important as well. Student's academic Education details & performance is based upon various factors
more » ... personal details, social, psychological etc. Educational database contain the useful information for predicting a students' performance, rank factor & details. The data mining techniques are more helpful in classifying educational database. Educational data mining concerns with developing methods for discovering knowledge from data, that comes from educational institutions. The Data Mining prediction has allowed a decision making tool which can facilitate better resource utilization in terms of students performance. In our college, the student details have been taken for analysis and data mining methods have been employed to get vital information. The work aims to develop a trust model using data mining techniques which mines required information, so that the present education system may adopt this as a strategic management tool.