Stigma and old age: essays on the manipulation of the deteriorated age

Márcia Andréa Rodrigues Andrade
2011 Kairós Gerontologia  
The approach of the aging it is a subject handled by several sciences and knowledges. Before, the study in this area was a rarity, with the contribution of what has become a social problem, this category has received relative importance in academic arenas, television and in various areas of socialization, and as output, the purposes of third age. Among several approaches that are configured on it, we have issues of identity, social roles and stigma. This study aims to analyze the stigmatizing
more » ... the stigmatizing by which pass the elderly and how this phenomenon is interesting to reflect on the relationships between them and the other individuals in society. It was used books and articles available on the Internet, coming from authors who highlight in the subject, based on the study by Erving Goffman in his book Stigma: Notes on the management of the deteriorated image. It Will be discussed, the comprehension of stigma in Goffman, the social construction of old age and relationship with the social stigma, as they are referred to some elements, such as: social identity, visibility, concealment, techniques of information control and biography, which are relevant to reflect about concepts from stigma applyed by Goffman. Thus, this study establishes a connection between aging and stigma to not only increase knowledge on the subject, but also encourage the study and research on the topic for researchers and other interested parties.
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