Strange-Meson Spectroscopy at COMPASS

S. Wallner, for the COMPASS Collaboration
2020 Hadron Spectroscopy and Structure  
COMPASS is a multi-purpose fixed-target experiment at CERN aimed at studying the structure and spectrum of hadrons. It has collected the so far world's largest data set on diffractive production of the K − π − π + decay, which in principle gives access to all kaon states. We performed an elaborate partial-wave analysis, using model-selection techniques to select the wave set based on a large systematically constructed pool of allowed partial waves. The partial-wave decomposition reveals signals
more » ... ion reveals signals in the mass region of well-known states, such as K 1 (1270) and K 1 (1400). In addition, we observe potential signals from excited states, such as K 1 (1650).
doi:10.1142/9789811219313_0019 fatcat:5s7w6kq2tbavjfx4tylvhc26ey