Decoupled Floating Capacitor Voltage Control of a Dual Inverter Drive for an Open-Ended Winding Induction Motor

Chatumal Perera, Gregory J. Kish, John Salmon
2019 IEEE transactions on power electronics  
A control scheme is presented for a dual inverter drive with a floating capacitor bridge, with decoupled motor and capacitor dynamics. A stator current reference frame is used that decouples the real and reactive power components of the motor and enables the decoupling of the motor and capacitor dynamics. Apart from the high frequency voltage ripple due to the inverter switching pattern, the capacitor voltage can be kept constant even during large step changes in motor speed reference and load
more » ... orque. This allows for the use of a significantly smaller floating bridge capacitor whose size depends only on the steady-state high frequency voltage ripple. Additionally, the number of PI regulators used compared to previous works and the dc-link voltage requirements are both reduced. Index Terms-Dual inverter drive, field oriented control, floating capacitor bridge, open-ended winding induction machine.
doi:10.1109/tpel.2019.2955412 fatcat:2s43fb3ogngxrc6wnghbdit5ta