Torbjørn Herlof Andersen Det kvalitative forskningsintervjuet som ideal for den profesjonelle samtalen? Antaget til publicering januar 2008

Torbjørn Herlof, Andersen Førstelektor, Høgskolen Gjøvik
This article highlights conversation as an event in a professional context, arguing that there are basic ethical conditions shared across different categories of professional conversations, most explicitly expressed in relation to qualitative research interviews. Supervisory/consultative and therapeutic conversation are discussed in light of the research interview, arguing that in professional conversation, methods and categorisation are less important than ethical consciousness. Placing method
more » ... ess. Placing method at centre stage in understanding therapy or supervision/consultation involves a risk of objectivising the other. In the qualitative interview the interviewee is considered an intersubject. Conversation understood as a reality-construction makes it logical to take an interest in what is happening there, especially for the professional as a co-creator of his "findings".