Review article "Air-sea exchanges of CO2 in world's coastal seas"

C.-T. A. Chen, T.-H. Huang, Y.-C. Chen, Y. Bai, X. He, Y. Kang
2013 Biogeosciences Discussions  
The air-sea exchanges of CO 2 in the world's 165 estuaries and 87 continental shelves are evaluated. Generally and in all seasons, upper estuaries with salinities of less than two are strong sources of CO 2 (39 ± 56 mol C m −2 yr −1 , negative flux indicates that the water is losing CO 2 to the atmosphere); mid-estuaries with salinities of be-5 BGD
doi:10.5194/bgd-10-5041-2013 fatcat:h7oby5u6fngrrng4o6fqlffo2i