Cuisine of Nung Chao Ethnic at Hoang Viet Commune, Van Lang District, Lang Son Province

Le Hoang Duc
2019 Tạp chí Nghiên cứu dân tộc  
Nung Chao is a Nung ethnic group in Vietnam originating from Long Chau, Guangxi, China, they has migrated to Lang Son province (Vietnam) and has lived here for a long time. In the course of history, cultural exchange with local people in Lang Son province, at same time, inheriting the culture of the Guangxi region (China), the Nung Chao people have drawn up the cultural characteristics of extremely identity richness, especially cuisine culture. The cuisine of the Nung Chao is extremely diverse
more » ... extremely diverse with a mixture of Kinh, Tay and Chinese cuisine and cultural institutions related to cuisine to be a valuable heritage not only of Lang Son province but also of the Vietnamese ethnic community.
doi:10.25073/0866-773x/338 fatcat:be5pehjfmzbwphdcdqogrhveq4