La modernisation de l'agriculture

Joseph Klatzmann
1953 Revue économique  
The study has conducted in the sub-prefecture of Tapéguia (Issia department in Côte d'Ivoire). It is part of the context of modernization of pesticide-based agriculture. Our goal is to identify the socio-sanitary and agroecological risk factors associated with the use of pesticides. The data are collected from 110 households of farmers chosen arbitrarily in the village lands of Tapeguia, Gazibouo, Madiassocra and Zadioha (Gabia subprefecture), using a questionnaire made from the Sphinx software
more » ... the Sphinx software which has served for the analysis of quantitative data. The results of the study showed the widespread use of pesticides in the sub-prefecture of Tapeguia. The use of pesticides is influenced by various socioeconomic and agroecological motivations. However, degradation risk factors for agroecosystems result in overexploitation of fallow land, unregulated pesticide use by farmers who ignore or do not consider the risks of intoxication for agroecosystems. Added to there are the dependence of producers on agricultural pesticides and the health problems of farmers (1.8% to 14.5% experience poisoning) due to ignorance or lack of consideration of risks and lack of knowledge training of farmers on the requirements of pesticide use.
doi:10.2307/3497113 fatcat:uwh7nohksfdxhfmtzmjzrptepe