International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 2016; 4(6): 308-313 Seasonal variation of proximate composition of tuna fishes from Visakhapatnam fishing harbor, East coast of India

Rani Pschpd, Vijay Ppn, Kumar, Rushinadha Rao, Rani Pschpd, Vijay Kumar, Rushinadha Rao, U Shameem
The present study was carried out to assess the proximate composition of tuna fish Kawa kawa (Euthynnus affinis) and frigate tuna (Auxis thazard) from Visakhapatnam fishing harbor, East Coast of India. These fishes inhabit coastal waters and have preference staying in relatively warm water. In the present study the proximate chemical composition and seasonal variations of moisture, protein, fat and ash in marine fishes Euthynnus affinis and Auxis thazard were recorded during three different
more » ... ons. High moisture content was observed during pre-monsoon seasons (77.01±0.16 in E. affinis and 79.71±0.36 in A. thazard), while high protein concentration was seen in monsoon season (25.16±0.10% and 23.34±0.21%) in both E. affinis and A. thazard species. Whereas high mean concentration of fat was found in post-monsoon season in the case of E. affinis, recording 1.37±0.16% and in monsoon season in the case of A. thazard (1.25±0.07%). High ash percentage was noted in pre-monsoon season in E. affinis (1.13±0.14%) and in post-monsoon season in A. thazard (1.01±0.27).