The Motif of Loss in the Literatures of Siberian Indigenous Peoples

Nepomniashchikh Natalia A., Institute of Philology of SB RAS
2018 Journal of Siberian Federal University  
Siberian indigenous peoples suffered a lot throughout the 20 th century. Some of them have almost become extinct due to the globalization. The motif of loss is one of the key motifs for the literatures of Siberian indigenous peoples. Under conditions of their native culture assimilation, their languages have been disappearing, and their national identities have been blurred. That is the reason why the issue of loss is so important for them. It is implemented through the plot of a relative or an
more » ... elderly person's death/dying. The death is a global metaphor for the loss of historical memory, the way of life and the culture of an entire ethnical group. The plot of loss is integral for the works of almost all Siberian authors: the Mansi, Khanty, Nivkh and Evenk people. The fact that it is common for the people belonging to the different language groups is due to the similarity in their way of living determined by the similar geographic and social factors. The plot describing an encounter of loss is one of the most common in the works of Siberian writers. Keywords: motifs of loss, memory, plot of a parent or a grandparent's death, images of old man, old woman. Research area: philology. Citation: Nepomniashchikh, N.A. (2018). The motif of loss in the literatures of Siberian indigenous peoples.
doi:10.17516/1997-1370-0323 fatcat:say4jjsum5bkpa6imavxrhm7ge