Hierarchical Information Entropy System Model for TWfMS

Qiang Han, Deren Yang
2018 Entropy  
Under the infrastructure of three gradually deepening layers consisting of System, Service and Software, the information entropy of the Trustworthy Workflow Management System (TWfMS) will evolve from being more precise to more undetermined, due to a series of exception event X occurring on certain components (ExCs), along with the life cycle of TWfMS, experienced in its phased original, as-is, to-be, and agile-consistent stages, and recover, more precisely again, by turning back to the original
more » ... ack to the original state from the agile-consistent stage, due to its self-autonomous improvement. With a special emphasis on the system layer, to assure the trustworthiness of WfMS, this paper firstly introduces the preliminary knowledge of the hierarchical information entropy model with correlation theories. After illustrating the fundamental principle, the transformation rule is deduced, step by step, followed by a case study, which is conducive to generating discussions and conclusions in the different research areas of TWfMS. Overall, in this paper, we argue that the trustworthiness maintenance of WfMS could be analyzed and computational, through the viewpoint that all the various states of TWfMS can be considered as the transformation between WfMS and its trustworthiness compensate components, whose information entropy fluctuate repeatedly and comply with the law of the dissipative structure system.
doi:10.3390/e20100732 pmid:33265821 fatcat:xoctxrw2xrbmliop5ndkq3ermu