Study of role extroversion of caused by traffic noise on mental function of the students

Alimohamadi, R Soltani, M Azkhosh, M Gohari
2011 Iran Occupational Health   unpublished
and aims: Contact to noise has harmful effects on operational, psychic and physical health. Traffic is of the most important resource of urban environments noise, some of individual differences like extroversion, temper psychoneurosis and sensitivity to noise are the effective factors in effect of noise on function. The goal of this research was study of extroversion effect on mental function with traffic noise. Methods: this study is of interferential type in which traffic noise was recorded
more » ... oise was recorded by voice recorder Sony ICD MX20 in Tehran streets and it was broadcasted in laboratory for samples. The size of sample included 44 persons of students of Medical Science University of Iran elected by accidental sampling method and include 32 samples (23 male, 9 female) and 12 control (7male, 5 female). Regarding that the introversion and extroversion are of the effective factors on function personality questionnaire of eyscenk (EPI) was used. The considered parameters in mental function included total true answers, false answers time average of true answers that were measured by computerized test COG. Results: the results indicated that after broadcasting noises, total true answers, was increased in extroversion and males (p= 0/001) while in introversions (p=0/049) and females (p=0/010) after exposing noise, the increase was in the false answers. Conclusion: the results achieved by this research indicated that the traffic noise has the different effects on the parameters of mental function of extroverted and introverted persons, in addition indicated a meaningful relation between noise and sex.