1912 Journal of the American Medical Association  
The chairman of this committee, D. Chester Drown of Connecticut, presented a preliminary report, showing that at that time seventy-one delegates hud registered. The secretary then culled the roll und, a quorum being present, the business of the session wns tnken up. The minutes of the Los Angeles mooting were approved und reference committees wore appointed. President Murphy then addressed tbe House of Delegates, llis address will appear in the next issue of The Joubnal. Tlie regular reports
more » ... regular reports followed. First that of the Secretary, then the report of the Hoard of Trustees, the report of the Judicial Council and that of the Council on Medical Education. These reports were beforo the House in the form of a bound pamphlet and they were referred to the appropriate reference committees. The morning session of the House then adjourned. The reports referred to were ns follows: Report of tho Secretary
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