Pseudo-axions in little Higgs models

W. Kilian, D. Rainwater, J. Reuter
2005 Physical Review D  
Little Higgs models have an enlarged global symmetry which makes the Higgs boson a pseudo-Goldstone boson. This symmetry typically contains spontaneously broken U(1) subgroups which provide light electroweak-singlet pseudoscalars. Unless such particles are absorbed as the longitudinal component of Z' states, they appear as pseudoscalars in the physical spectrum at the electroweak scale. We outline their significant impact on Little Higgs phenomenology and analyze a few possible signatures at
more » ... LHC and other future colliders in detail. In particular, their presence significantly affects the physics of the new heavy quark states predicted in Little Higgs models, and inclusive production at LHC may yield impressive diphoton resonances.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.71.015008 fatcat:ro22whf7hfgqhdms5cn2mjw7n4