The roles of mechanical compression and chemical irritation in regulating spinal neuronal signaling in painful cervical nerve root injury

Sijia Zhang, Kristen J Nicholson, Jenell R Smith, Taylor M Gilliland, Peter P Syré, Beth A Winkelstein
2013 Stapp Car Crash Journal  
Both traumatic and slow-onset disc herniation can directly compress and/or chemically irritate cervical nerve roots, and both types of root injury elicit pain in animal models of radiculopathy. This study investigated the relative contributions of mechanical compression and chemical irritation of the nerve root to spinal regulation of neuronal activity using several outcomes. Modifications of two proteins known to regulate neurotransmission in the spinal cord, the neuropeptide calcitonin
more » ... e calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) and glutamate transporter 1 (GLT-1), were assessed in a rat model after painful cervical nerve root injuries using a mechanical compression, chemical irritation or their combination of injury. Only injuries with compression induced sustained behavioral hypersensitivity (p≤0.05) for two weeks and significant decreases (p<0.037) in CGRP and GLT-1 immunoreactivity to nearly half that of sham levels in the superficial dorsal horn. Because modification of spinal CGRP and GLT-1 is associated with enhanced excitatory signaling in the spinal cord, a second study evaluated the electrophysiological properties of neurons in the superficial and deeper dorsal horn at day 7 after a painful root compression. The evoked firing rate was significantly increased (p=0.045) after compression and only in the deeper lamina. The painful compression also induced a significant (p=0.002) shift in the percentage of neurons in the superficial lamina classified as low- threshold mechanoreceptive (sham 38%; compression 10%) to those classified as wide dynamic range neurons (sham 43%; compression 74%). Together, these studies highlight mechanical compression as a key modulator of spinal neuronal signaling in the context of radicular injury and pain.
pmid:24435733 fatcat:aan4cpg7erfz7kfvp7wg2d57lq