Assessment and Enhancementof Distribution System Reliabilityby Renewable Energy Sourcesand Energy Storage

Yishak Kifle, Baseem Khan, Pawan Singh
2018 Journal of green engineering  
Distribution reliability mainly relates to the equipment outages and customer interruptions. In this work, authors attempt to identify the causes of power interruptions and customer's dissatisfaction. Additionally, the authors discuss design, maintenance, reliability and operation of Hawassa distribution feeder number 10, Ethiopia. Reliability worth is highly significant in power system planning and operation. A distributed generation (DG) ensures reliability improvement and it is used to
more » ... se the reliability worth. Hence in this work authors present the study of a radial distribution system and illustrate the impact of placing DG (solar photovoltaic (PV), wind turbine (WT)) and battery energy storage on the reliability worth. The reliability improvement is measured by different reliability indices that include SAIDI, CAIDI, EENS and ASAI. The analyzed and calculated distribution reliability indices values have been compared with standard benchmark values. Additionally, authors evaluate reliability of distribution networks by including islanded micro grid cases. The network includes two types of DG sources (PV, WT) and energy
doi:10.13052/jge1904-4720.832 fatcat:md6x2v2rmza6hggdxtrai2mkzu