Triples of Orthogonal Latin and Youden Rectangles For Small Orders [article]

Gerold Jäger, Klas Markström, Lars-Daniel Öhman, Denys Shcherbak
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We have performed a complete enumeration of non-isotopic triples of mutually orthogonal k× n Latin rectangles for k≤ n ≤ 7. Here we will present a census of such triples, classified by various properties, including the order of the autotopism group of the triple. As part of this we have also achieved the first enumeration of pairwise orthogonal triples of Youden rectangles. We have also studied orthogonal triples of k × 8 rectangles which are formed by extending mutually orthogonal triples with
more » ... non-trivial autotopisms one row at a time, and requiring that the autotopism group is non-trivial in each step. This class includes a triple coming from the projective plane of order 8. Here we find a remarkably symmetrical pair of triples of 4 × 8 rectangles, formed by juxtaposing two selected copies of complete sets of MOLS of order 4.
arXiv:1810.12639v1 fatcat:x7dfexkfjrgl5pimfyw7s56mbi