Evidence of Early Pyrometallurgy in the Kerman Range in Iran

R. C. Dougherty, J. R. Caldwell
1966 Science  
tion of grain size and density should enable direct derivation of data on average energy spectra, and may be the only method of getting long-term average energy spectra for solar flare particles in this energy region. Conversely, detailed knowledge of these fluxes will enable (i) determination of the extent of terrestrial contamination of samples, whether collected directly or on Earth's surface, that have been outside the magnetosphere, and (ii) definitive mineralogical and chemical studies of
more » ... chemical studies of material that can, with noble-gas anomalies, be incontrovertably shown to have been in space. Application of similar measurements to lunar surface material may enable determination of average residence times for fine-grained material on the extreme surface, and of long-term mixing or stirring parameters as a function of depth. As we acquire detailed knowledge of the concentration and origin of rare gases in "pure" interplanetary dust, we can study long oceanic cores to determine variations in extraterrestrial influx rate and in oceanic sedimentation rates over the entire sediment column. This work provides another application of "the poor man's space probes" currently arriving at Earth.
doi:10.1126/science.153.3739.984 pmid:17837249 fatcat:nfe2xow3rnbnhmhkazvfrhzow4