Problems and counter measures of arc suppression coilin 10 kV distribution system

The arc suppression coil determines whether it can effectively extinguish the arc when it is grounded in the neutral non-effective grounding system. An artificial grounding test is an importantway to verify its performance. In this study, 13 substations with the 10 kV system in the Ningxia areawere selected and considered. Based on the artificial single-phase grounding test, the residual current, the compensation current and the off-resonance degree were measured in the arc suppression coil,
more » ... the performance of the arc suppression coil in the 10 kV system was verified. The experimental results show that the error of arc suppression coil automatic measurement is large, the off-resonance degree is large, the resistive component in the compensation current is excessive, the harmonic component exists in the compensating current and capacitive current. To solve these problems, this paper puts forward the corresponding countermeasures for reference.
doi:10.24425/aee.2019.125985 fatcat:hztlql2ozvb3xpdinipaxyb5qq